Wedding Cars in Horsham

Classic Cars for Your Wedding in Horsham

Wedding Cars in Horsham
The first historical record of Horsham is from AD 947. The name may mean either “horse home” or “Horsa’s home” (a Saxon warrior who was granted land in the area). The town was historically known for horse trading in early medieval times, iron and brick making up until the 20th century, and brewing more recently.

Horsham has developed around the Carfax and the Causeway. These consist of houses erected in the 17th, 18th and early 19th century and are lined with ancient London Plane trees. At the south end of the Causeway is the parish church of St. Mary: Norman in origin, this is one of many fine locations in the town for weddings and wedding receptions. We can take you to and from any of these venues in true comfort and style. Find out more about Horsham here.

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