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R Type Bentley

We have a fantastic R Type Bentley, which has proved time and time again to be a stylish and satisfying mode of transport. This Bentley displays the perfect combination of timelessness and comfort for transport to your wedding in Surrey.

The R Type Bentley was produced from 1952-1955 and during this period only 2,320 were made, and around only 1,100 remain worldwide. It was the fastest 4 door saloon money could buy in the 1950s, boasting a top speed of 105mph. It is still much sought after as a wedding car to this day.

Our car’s first owner was a circuit judge, Hon. Sir Henry Wynn Parry, however, perhaps better known was its second owner. Stanley Holloway was an actor, who won an Oscar for his portrayal of Eliza Doolittle’s father in My Fair Lady, in which he sang ‘Get me to the Church on Time’.

Its livery is Tudor Grey over Shell, with a tan leather interior and toning Wilton carpets. It features side vanity mirrors in the quarters and walnut picnic tables in the front and rear.

wedding cars r type bentley leftside
wedding cars london bentley back
wedding cars bentley interior tray
weddings surrey r type bentley front
wedding cars surrey r type bentley interior